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Professional Advisory Groups

The HS PAC has formed ten Professional Advisory Groups (PAGs) to address discipline-specific professional issues and advise the HS PAC and the Chief Professional Officer of the Health Service Officer Category. The PAG functions in a resource and advisory capacity to assist in the development, coordination, training and evaluation of activities related to the specific discipline. Each PAG has bylaws that are approved by the Chief Professional Officer and the HS PAC. Officers are encouraged to participate in their PAG.

PAG Chairs and Contact Information

Name Professional Advisory Group Work Phone
CDR Shwana Coleman Basic and Applied Science (BASPAG) 404.639.1888
LCDR Sheila Weagle Dental Hygiene (DHPAG) 770.488.6093
CDR David Dietz Healthcare Administration (HAPAG) 301.443.4543
LCDR Greg Dawson Health Information Technology (HITPAG) 202.692.4640
LCDR Richard Bashay Medical Laboratory Science (MLSPAG) 757.483.7038
CDR Erin Giles Optometry (OPAG) 918.342.6385
LCDR Jeremy Parmley Physician Assistant (PAPAG) 505.248.4056
LCDR LaJeana Hawkins Public Health (PHPAG) 301.458.4611
CDR Robin Toblin Psychology (PSYPAG) 301.319.2064
CDR Malaysia Gresham Social Work (SWPAG) 703.681.9346